b'50 CMHPASSENGER TRANSPORT PHOTO: TREY CAMBERN PHOTOGRAPHY, COURTESY OF TRANSYSTEMSThe lobby has counters for nine rental car companies. We also invited the airport project manager and the generalLike all things, when you do something new, you get some contractor to attend internal design team meetings, so we wereinitial pushback, he relates. Theres always some push and able to receive real-time feedback from the airport and thepull between small-city conveniences like walking directly from a contractor at the same time, says Pledger. Thats not typical. terminal to a parking ramp (and into a rental facility) and building Nardone praises the rental car companies for making smoothfor the future. Its just a function of getting used to change.transfers into the new facility. Above all, the goal was to create a great customer experience It was a very challenging operational-readiness piece, but theywhile positioning CMH for future growth. did a fantastic job, he reports. Its not easy to turn one operationIt was a bold decision to build the facility, Nardone reflects. off at 11:59 p.m. and open up a new one at 12:01 a.m. But theBut decisions are easyexecution is the hard part. And we rental car companies operated magnificently. There were a fewexecuted nearly flawlessly. This [rental car facility] is a very visible bumps and bruises, but overall the transition was pretty seamless.example of how were setting up our airport for the future.Its a clear signal that were moving forward and planning for Transition Period success.Nardone estimates that it took passengers about one month to get used to riding shuttles between the terminal and the new facility.September 2022AirportImprovement.com'