b'TERMINALSMSP 41for a rotunda at the intersection of Gate G18 and the C-Gdesign phase, MAC noticed that some guests at MSP werent connector bridge. The idea was then developed into a place thatcomfortable sitting at tables near restaurants while waiting for connects the intersections of major circulation paths and providestheir flightsthat they felt they needed to buy food in order to sit extra light to passengers. Alliiance used the rotunda space forthere even though the airport offered the seats with no strings signature concession spaces, passenger amenities such as aattached. nursing mothers room and vertical circulation to the new DeltaTo address this, we created restaurant space and recreated Sky Club.a gatehold space that is not intended to be one and the same, Naturally, Alliiance and the Airports Commission worked onexplains Rief. If you want to go sit down and have something to designing the new space to allow for future expansion. Weeat, you could do that. If you want to go sit in the gate area and developed this plan that was out of the ordinary, and we looked atwait for your flight, you can do that, too, and not feel like you have optimizing locations for future moving walkways all the way downto sit at a table that you feel is designed for the restaurant. G concourse, as well as optimizing the areas for leasable andIt has long been a goal of MAC to make changes like this that concession space, explains Ilvonen. create a space Minnesotans will enjoy and feel comfortable in, This was a much bigger project than just an expansion, heshe adds. adds, noting that the Airports Commission carefully considersIlvonen says that pre-design planning like that helped leaders every projects longevity within MSP. from the Airports Commission establish the features they wanted These are important investments, emphasizes Ryks. Theyreto include in the expansion, build a team around them and focused on the passenger experience and ensuring that weve gotcommunicate their vision.the capacity to accommodate passengers well into the future. Enough work done on the front end helps set the project up Keeping passengers top-of-mind led the project team to blurfor success through organizing everyones role in execution, he the line of concessions and general seating. During the pre- comments.Uniting People and Place through Design+1 612-874-4102, epeterson@alliiance.us, www.alliiance.usMinneapolis - St. Paul International Airport Terminal 1 featuringThe Aurora by artist Jen LewinAirportImprovement.comSeptember 2022'