b'PHOTO: MICHAEL ROBINSON COURTESY OF HNTB20 DEN TERMINALSThe project added three outdoor decks. steel columns to achieve a modern, bright C-East opened in May 2022 with 530,000 square feet of space for passengers, says Ferguson. additional space, 16 new gates (all leased to Southwest), Day and her team wanted design elements20 holdrooms, extra support space for Southwest, 30,000 for the East and West concourses to besquare feet assigned for concessions space, a regional similar but not necessarily identical. Theycommuter facility and an outdoor deck.wanted continuity, so it wouldnt look like aThe B-East expansion is on track to open this year and is hodgepodge of projects, explains Eric Zenoni,slated to add 126,000 square feet. It will contain 10 new technical director and senior architect forERIC ZENONI gates (all leased to United), 12 holdrooms and 6,000 square Jacobs Engineering. This required coordinationfeet assigned for concessions. between the respective East and West design teams to ensure allDuring Phase 2 of the Gate Expansion Program, DEN will four concourse expansions met the airports overall vision.relocate airlines strategically to reconcile gate locations to suite The design firms conducted a series of stakeholder andthe airlines and airports needs. Moves are slated to continue passenger surveys to determine what was working in the originalthrough early 2024.spaces and what needed improving. Typically, what people like best at DEN is the organization, the easy wayfinding and that theDesign Elementsspace doesnt feel cramped and cluttered, Zenoni says. This ledAll four of the concourse expansions feature natural light, improved the teams to focus on what they call the destressing of travel.acoustics, modern restrooms and a variety of seating options. The core ideas for the new design were to make spaces moreThree of the four include outdoor decks. open, quiet and comfortableand less chaotic, cluttered orDEN also included nursing mothers rooms and pet relief areas stressful.in the new spaces. Were trying to take care of our passengersall the diversity of passengers that we have, says Stu Williams, Gates and Moves senior vice president of Airport Expansion at DEN. When the expansion program is complete, all three of DENsJacobs and HNTB leveraged several existing concourses (A, B and C) will get some of the 39 new gates.daylight models and natural lighting studies B-West opened in November 2020 and added 89,247 squareto bring as much light into the new spaces feet of new space, with four new gates (all leased to United),as possible. Designers added 200-foot-long six holdrooms and additional support space. The expansionskylight areas to bring light 75 feet down included 5,000 square feet of concessions and an outdoor deck.to the concourses. The natural light is just A-West will gain 530,000 square feet when the additionfantastic, says Williams. Its such an open opens this year. The new area will include 12 new gatesfeeling. Everybody who sees it loves it.STU WILLIAMS(all leased to United), 16 holdrooms, 10,000 square feet ofIn addition to helping the spaces feel concessions space and an outdoor deck.calmer and more connected to the outside, the natural light September 2022AirportImprovement.com'