b'CONCESSIONSYYZ 93lot of time, and they may get a chance to hang out with colleaguesIt gives us a really unique way to be able to communicate or do whatever they need to do during those breaks, Mitchellwith passengers about the availability of Uber Eats, he explains. says. Uber Eats helps facilitate that. We obviously know where their destination is, and we have The Airports Authority is also optimistic about the potential ofsurfaces within the app. When [Uber Ride customers] are waiting the revived venture. We are really pleased with where growthfor a driver to be matched, or when they are actually on a trip in is going, Merrell says. Airports are large and complex placesa car, we have an effective advertising platform that were now with a lot of communication everywhere, and it takes time to getbuilding out. We can use some of those advertising surfaces to messaging througheven within our airport community whocommunicate things like, Uber Eats is available, place your order are here every day. We are doing a lot of work through word ofnow so its ready when you get to the airport or through security. mouth, employee board messaging, et cetera. The team also has the ability to send a push notification or Merrell notes that there is definitely a build it and they willtext message to passengers within a certain amount of time after come aspect to the model, and has high hopes for repeat usetheir Uber ride drop off.after passengers and employees discover the option. PeopleWe are experimenting with these different ways to become committed to it because they come to rely on it, shecommunicate with passengers, Mitchell says. We dont yet says. Passenger traffic is returning, with a lot of new leisure travelknow what will be the most effective, so thats why weve got to passengers. It is not necessarily at the same rate of repetitiveexperiment with what resonates and has the most impact.business travelbut were very pleased with where were sitting. Onsite Marketing BlitzRide and Eat At YYZ, the Airports Authority is taking a multilayered approach While conditions can change quickly as COVID continues toto get the word out. In addition to social media messaging being affect travel behavior, Mitchell estimates that up to 10% of YYZsexecuted in conjunction with Uber, plans are in place to amplify the departing passengers use Uber for their ride to the airport.Uber Eats presence on the airport website during its next revamp. C USAPPROGRAMMYCMMY The U.S. Airport Professional (USAP) Program CY covers a full range of current airport CMY management topics such as leadership K development, business strategy, commercial management, nance, operations, safety, security, and air service.Find out more information atwww.airportscouncil.org/USAP AirportImprovement.comSeptember 2022'