b'94 YYZ CONCESSIONSThere is also targeted digital and physical signage about UberMitchell concurs: While contactless will still be an element strategically placed throughout the terminals.of consideration in having mobile order, I think it is now more We are putting messaging in areas that are decision-makingabout the changing nature of consumer expectations and the points and in areas where customers may be waiting and theexpectation that people can get whatever they want, whenever message is relevant to them at that part of the journey, Merrellthey want.explains. Picking up on the messaging Uber ride may have hadMitchell says that Uber is thrilled to partner with YYZ and early on as customers enter the airport is further confirming orHMSHost. Weve experimented, and arm-in-arm together, cementing that visual in their heads.taken this leap. While I am really pleased by how things have There is also a concerted effort being conducted by HMSHostmaterialized over the last 12 to 18 months or so, I also am more to promote the mobile pickup option in airport restaurants.excited about what we can do going forward, because I do think that there are so many ways we can help travelers feel a greater Even if they are already dining at the restaurant, seeing thatsense of control and give them more flexibility and bring more Uber Eats messaging again makes passengers know they canconvenience to their experience. If we are able to help be one of use it for pickup next time and spread that word, says Merrell.the pieces, that is obviously good for travelers. It is also, hopefully, We are really trying to advertise it at multiple touch points aroundreally good for HMSHost. If we can help drive more revenue for the airport, and we are not done. We are looking at where elseeverybody, thats a win-win across the board.can we reinforce what we are talking about.We are seeing growth as passenger traffic comes back and Traffic Implications early numbers, subjectively, are saying that these sales are not Although the COVID pandemic has been a challenging time for thecannibalizing preexisting business, he adds. airport, Merrell notes that it also has been a great time to develop aHMSHost is able to put the venture at YYZ in context with the new concessions idea with Uber and HMSHost when traffic in therest of the airport industry. Thompson notes that travel in Canada terminal is slower.has been low throughout the pandemic and has not increased Now, as consumers are beginning to travel again, this is whereback at the same pace it did in the U.S. we are expecting to see that push, she says, adding that theIn recent months, weve certainly seen a major uptake in travel Airports Authority is very happy with where the project is going. and the usage of this solution, so we are very pleased with the trajectory so far, he adds, noting that July 2022 usage is tracking to be double that of June 2022. We are extremely pleased with the trajectory of the platform.I think that this is a great service that, really at the end of the day, makes everybodys business better, Thompson continues. We are creating more value for the traveler and a more frictionless transaction with us that can happen from the comfort of your Uber, or while youre in the security line, rather than waiting in the [concessions] line. I think thats a benefit that should be available to everyone, and I certainly welcome anybody who wants to join. I think the more restaurants that join, really the better the experience for passengers.Merrell reports that the Uber Eats app is driving sales at YYZ that otherwise may not have happened because passengers were scared away by long queues at Starbucks, Tim Hortons and other concessions venues. People are ordering to give themselves a better sense of comfort rather than walking away from a line, she remarks. Early indications are telling us we are in a good news story. September 2022AirportImprovement.com'