b'PASSENGER TRANSPORTPHX61FACTS&FIGURES Project: Passenger TransportLocation: Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl AirportProgram: Stage 2 Extension of PHX Sky Train Cost: $745 million Funding: Rental car customer facility charges; airline passenger facility charges. (no local tax dollars) Key Elements: 2.5 miles of dual-lane guideway, 2 passenger stations, 24 additional train carsTrain System Provider/Operator: Alstom (formerly known as Bombardier Transportation Holdings USA)Stage 2 Construction Manager: Hensel Phelps Construction Co.Facilities Designer: Gannett FlemingTrain System Consultant: Lea+Elliott, Inc.Civil Engineer/Design Subcontractor for Gannett frequent source of stress for travelers, whoThis final stage, which cost $745 million,Fleming: Kimley-Horn & Trace Consulting split civil scope probably showed up a little too late.added another 2.5 miles of guidewaywith Gannett Flemingand an upgraded fleet of the AlstomGeneral Contractor for Alstom: The Weitz Co.Passengers boarding at the first busInnovia 200 vehicles used in the first twoElectrical Subcontractor for Weitz: Wilson Electricstop sometimes rode for 10 to 15 minutes before even leaving the lot to merge intostages. The airport is adding 24 cars to itsCivil Designer for Bombardier: Kimley-Horntraffic on Sky Harbor Boulevard. Then,previous 18 vehicles, each of which canArchitect/Subcontractor for Gannett Fleming: the bus would need to jockey with privatehold up to 53 passengers. Daily ridershipSmithGroupvehicles for a spot at the curb. Thatis expected to eventually reach 79,000Architect/Subcontractor for Alstom/Weitz on ride was shortened to two minutes, andpassengersa combination of Rental CarMfg. Service Facility Building Design: Deutsch passengers wait just a couple minutes forCenter customers, passengers who parkArchitecture Groupthe next train.at the 24th Street Station economy lot,Subcontractor for Hensel Phelps & Weitz: Suntec and those who are dropped off and pickedConcreteThe initial PHX Sky Train stages farup at the 24th Street Station. A projectedNoteworthy Feature: 24th Street Station will provide exceeded usage expectations with anincrease in overall airport traffic alsoconvenient option for travelers arriving from West Valley & average of 14,000 riders per day factored into ridership estimates.downtown, with improved access to/from nearby freeways. compared to a projection of 7,000. It will include about 1,600 economy parking spaces plus curbside passenger pick-up/drop-off for public & commercial vehicles.AirportImprovement.comSeptember 2022'