b'TERMINALSDFW 31The project was a collaborative effort by a joint venture team ofHaving a variety of seating gives passengers options for where Archer Western, H.J. Russell and Phillips May, PGAL for the shelland how they wait, while aiding in stress and anxiety reduction, and core, and Corgan for fit out design with joint venture teamadds Collison. And all the seats have built-in power. Traditional Byrne/JRT for the fit out team. The design/build delivery methodbeam seating is outfitted with inductive charging tables between allowed design and construction to occur simultaneously. Thethe seats and power ports on top of tables rather than under seats. results are evident, emphasizes Charkas. The project finishedThe knuckle area of the terminal is a park-like environment almost six months ahead of schedule. with trees and wooden benches to provide a calming enclave Were very proud, he adds. The High C Gates Rebuildfor passengers. The terrazzo flooring near the boarding gates Project demonstrates DFWs commitment to passenger andincludes designs that continue the stress-lowering park theme.employee experience, while also moving the airport forward inRightsizing areas for airline employees was also a priority. A terms of innovation. happy employee helps us keep passengers happy, Haywood Naja underscores the significance that teamwork played duringremarks. He describes the new break rooms as generously sized the execution: The success of the project proves the point thatand aesthetically pleasing with a functional flow.a complete cohesiveness and partnership results in an amazingIts a better experience for travelers and employees, Charkas outcome. agrees. Were very proud of the facility.Rebuilding Terminal C Environmentally TallThe objective of the project was not to add capacity, but toAs the first carbon-neutral airport in the United States, DFW upgrade facilities. Gates C35 to 39 can accommodate theregularly implements innovative sustainability solutions during same type of aircraft and handle the same volume of trafficconstruction. One of the most dramatic initiatives of the High C and passenger load, but they are now more functional from anGates Project is the use of View Smart Windows to improve energy operations perspective.efficiency and provide natural light throughout the facility. The four new gates are the beginning of more extensive renovations in Terminal A and C. Overall, the airport plans to construct nine new gates during its Terminal C Pier project. Demolition of C35, 36, 37 and 39 began in February 2021. Construction on the four recently completed gates began in April 2021, and a fifth gate is currently under renovation and will openDesigned for the Future as Gate C35 later this summer. The new gates were built on airport property, just east of the runways. Designating a landside area for the construction meant crews did not have to be badged. It also spared the airfield from material deliveries and other interruptions from work crews. While the term modular connotes temporary for some, Charkas explains that the six modules for the High C Gates Project were constructed much like in-place stick-built facilities. This is a traditional building of the highest quality that was builtBAGGAGE HANDLING SYSTEMoffsite and ushered into place, he explains.DESIGN / CONSULTATION / ANALYSIS/ ASSESSMENT / OAR SERVICESHaywood adds that the facilities were designed with open spaces and quality materials that will look attractive for years.Maintained for Performance Due to the age of the existing gates, updating technologies and elevating the customer experience were key priorities. For the airport, that meant spacious and welcoming facilities with a variety of amenities and concessions. Passengers should feel like welcomed guests of DFW and American Airlines, says Charkas. The new facilities have more space for food, beverage and retail options than the previous gates. New technologies include dynamic, self-tinting glass on the 16-foot-tall windows, smart restrooms and a network of large, digital screens for wayfinding and airport information.BAGGAGE HANDLING SYSTEM / Project designers integrated the new technologies with thePASSENGER BOARDING BRIDGE architecture. When you walk through, its not your typical airportOPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE Airport Servicesterminal gates, says Naja. It is completely blended and seamlesswww.jsmandassociates.comsolutions@jsmairports.comand helps alleviate any anxiety a customer may have.AirportImprovement.comSeptember 2022'