b'34 DFW TERMINALSTrees and wooden benches create a park-like settingto help reduce travel stress.approach, Arman emphasizes. We had to ensure everyone felt comfortable before we Transforming Airport took a major asset and started to migrate it. We had to ensure the dry runs were successful.Communication There were concerns about how unexpected wind or lightning could affect the move. As a precautionary measure, the modules received pre- and post-movement sign-off from structural engineer Henderson + Rogers. This verified their strength and ensured that the move had not impacted the long-term integrity of the structures. A dry run of the transport allowed the team to assess how the modules would move across the pavement and react to slight movements. Structural engineers used sensitive vibration monitors and tweaked tolerances based on data gathered during the initial mock run. Dean says one of the biggest risks during the move was making sure the demarcation points for the columns matched the exact Schedule a 30-minute info session! location of the modules. When we brought synectmedia.com/pax the building over, the margin for error to September 2022AirportImprovement.com'