b'64 PHXPASSENGER TRANSPORT An elevated train station was built directly into the Rental Car Center. new terminal planned for the west side of the airfield sometime in the next few decades.TransformativeWe spent a lot of time on the geometrics Aviation Technology, Baggageof the guideway and making provisions for a future station that could Handling & Consulting be built into the existing infrastructure of Stage 2, C says Mark Pilwallis, P.E.,MARK PILWALLISM who served as design Y director for Gannett Fleming during the CM Digital Transformation & Innovationproject and now works as a senior program SERVICESMY Identity Management System Consulting manager for the city of Phoenix Aviation Department through Red Brick Consulting. CYSecurity/Special System Design The PHX Sky Train is designed to have CMY a station integrated into the new terminal, K Baggage Handling System Designand the team beefed up the guideway foundations so they can handle loads at the Risk & Resilience Management future terminal. It was a pretty big effort and expense, adds Pilwallis. But long-term when the terminal does come, its going to make it a very seamless connection.Rossbar.com To plan for a PHX Sky Train station at the future terminal, designers included failure management crossovers on either end so September 2022AirportImprovement.com'