b"D60 D65Larue two-stage snow blowers set the standard for safety,THEY'RE COMMONLY USED performance and productivity. No matter the size of your airport, there is a Larue product adapted to your needs.ON AIRPORT RUNWAYS, The serrated ribbon conveyor has a greater depth and isAPRONS, MANEUVERING expressly designed to handle large amounts of loose, freshlyAREAS AND PARKING LOTS.fallen snow while the dual auger conveyor is most effective against compact, hardened snow windrows, and ice.What sets Our customers rely on machines that deliver not only performance, but rugged durability. Colder climates are demanding, but so are the needs us apart of our clients to keep their Larue snow removal equipment running perfectly, whenever, and wherever they need it. Which is why our global parts distribution network is there. Youre never let down with a Larue, and the very same goes when on those occasions you need a part. L A R U E S N OW B L OW E R S . CO M Snow doesnt wait for you to be ready.And you shouldnt have to wait long forparts you need to take it on. You need it? @laruesnowblowersWe've got it, and we'll get it to you."