b'56 CWARUNWAYSPHOTO: BECHER HOPPECrews used stringless pavers to install the mainline sections.ADB SAFEGATE I GATEBE READY.OUR FLEXIBLE GATE SYSTEMS DELIVER SAFER, MORE EFFICIENT TURNAROUNDS IN ANUNPREDICTABLE WORLD.ADB SAFEGATE applies the latest surveillance and automation technologytomanagetodayscomplexchallengesonthe apron.Adaptableandresilientgatesystems,andflexible business models, enable operational elasticity to help airports and airlines scale up or down to meet changing demand. Advanced docking systems ensure safe and precise aircraft stops every time, even in poor visibility. Integration and clear informationdisplayskeepallpersonnelinformedandhelp deliver on-time departures. All of which equals faster, safer and more predictable turnarounds that boost the customer experience.September 2022AirportImprovement.com'