b'70 PGD GENERAL AVIATIONexpand, he remarks. For example, our proposed high-end FBOAirport officials opted to make portions of the new Air Center facility should attract more pilots using corporate jets. We are closeopen to the general public. Specifically, the restaurant/bar will to Gulf-access communities such as Venice and Boca Grande,include an outdoor patio that overlooks the airfield. Secure exit where many people who visit here have second homes. doors will restrict access to the airfield. Project designers and PGD management expect the runway-facing restaurant to be New Features a popular attraction for airport employees, local residents and Michael Baker International served asseasonal tourists when the restaurant opens next spring.the primary architectural and engineeringWe are very pleased with how this turned out, and I think consultant for the first two phases of AviEx.everyone in the airport community will enjoy it, says Kistler. Overall, things were straightforward, reports Mark Kistler, a vice president with the firm andFunding project manager for this undertaking. TheThe first two phases of AviEx development were fully funded at new ramp section was located on open land.about $18 million. Sources included the Charlotte County Airport The main design focus was drainage designMARK KISTLER Authority (30%), FAA (35%), Florida Department of Transportation for the new development, and the design of(25%) and passenger facility charges and customer facilities the extension of Taxiway E. charges (10%). The team designed the new PGD Air Center to improve serviceAs with most of our projects, we did not even start them until for a variety of general aviation users. We wanted the Air Centerwe were fully funded, Parish comments. to reflect the local flavor of this region, with a nice reception area, expansive lounge, local art and flora, high ceilings and plentifulThe airport tapped into its reserve fund to cover a few minor windows offering expansive views of the airfield, Kistler details. cost overruns caused by inflation, he adds. Construction started in spring 2021 and was completed in aObstacles Overcomelittle more than a year. Although airport staff oversaw construction,As with any major construction effort, the AviEx project has Kistler frequently visited the site to ensure that the project wasincluded a few unexpected challenges. Members of our progressing as planned. Data-driven Gateway Seating -decision makingfor aviation Designed for Comfort fuel facilities & DurabilityMinimize risk and reduce costs with real-time data for proactive operations and predictive maintenance. Visit us at ACI-NA Booth 731SAIM.COM airportseatingalliance.com|info@airportseatingalliance.comSeptember 2022AirportImprovement.comSAIM Ad_Final.indd 1 3/5/21 12:35 PM'