b'62 PHXPASSENGER TRANSPORT The final project stage added 2.5 miles of dual-lane guideway to the existing system. After earning gold certification in the Leadership in Energy andeconomy parking lot that was designed to transition into Environmental Design (LEED) program for Stages 1 and 1a, thestructured parking later. airport sought a different certification for Stage 2. This projectGannett Fleming, facilities designer for the entire PHX Sky received Gold Certification through the Envision program forTrain project, considered future commercial development on the anticipated reductions in greenhouse gases as well as severalnorthwest side of the station that could potentially include a hotel measures designed to reduce operational energy needs by 59%.with mixed-use space for a restaurant and retail. The station is consequently designed so bridges can be added directly from On the Right Track either the garage or commercial development. Anne Kurtenbach, special projects administrator for the city of Phoenix AviationRoadway improvements for the 24th Street Station included Department, says the biggest benefit forreworking the ramp connections on and off Interstate 10, the PHX passengers will be an increased levelmain freeway that feeds into the site. Now, drivers can peel off of service. We are able to move a largerSky Harbor Boulevard before entering the terminal core area.number of people more frequently and moreThe 24th Street Station gives us the opportunity to improve efficiently, she explains. Plus, its a lot easierANNE KURTENBACH our overall ground transportation program, Kurtenbach says. for passengers to get on and off of a train with their luggage than itIt extends our terminal curb front to two remote stations, which is to get on and off of a bus.gives us a lot more flexibility and real estate in which to manage Another enhancement is the new 24th Street Station. Like theour ground transportation service providers. That helps relieve eye-catching 44th Street Station that opened as part of Stage 1,congestion on Sky Harbor Boulevard and at the terminal curb front.the new elevated station is a key design feature. From a practicalThe project also includes an elevated PHX Sky Train station standpoint, it provides a convenient option for travelers arrivingbuilt directly into the existing Rental Car Center. Kurtenbach from the West Valley and downtown, with improved access to andemphasizes that train service to/from the Rental Car Center is from nearby freeways.a huge asset. That is what drives the largest demand for the The station was designed with a rotary roadway around it toPHX Sky Train, and it improves the overall customer experience facilitate passenger pick-up and drop-off by commercial andwhile solving a lot of other challenges for us in terms of ground private vehicles alike. It also includes a 1,600-space surfacetransportation and managing our roadway system, she summarizes.September 2022AirportImprovement.com'