b'TERMINALSDEN 25Marketing and Customer Service. In fact, we asked passengersat the beginning of the pandemic and created more efficient what we could improve upon, and they offered no otherprocesses that they continue to use on future projects, he adds. suggestions. Cahill notes that the team helped conserve energy by purchasing materials produced within 500 miles of the airport. Challenges and Opportunities HNTB and Turner unitized the curtain wall system into 8-foot-Initially, DEN was scheduled to open B-East at the end of 2021by-40-foot units that were trucked to the site. This strategy was or early 2022, but a significant water line broke and floodeddesigned to save project costs, keep local crews busy and result mechanical and electronics areas with super-hot water. Thein a higher quality product because it is built indoors. HNTB has damageestimated at $50 millionwas so extensive that 10 gatesand will continue to use this approach on airport projects across in the affected area will not be able to open until later this year.the country.Mechanical, electrical and communications equipment was ruined, and supply chain issues are now delaying the delivery of someLessons Learnedreplacements. Although the line failure was unfortunate, the extentFor other airports facing massive expansions like DENs, Williams of the damageand cost to fix itlikely would have been worse ifsuggests being nimble and flexible because these projects take a it happened after the new area had opened, Williams notes.long time. We were able to accommodate the commuter facility; we Despite extensive planning, the visioning for DENs expansionswere able to accommodate the fact that the new gates were going was initiated seven or eight years ago and much has changedto be leased by a particular airline, Williams reflects. All those things in the meantime. Where you start is not where youre going are very important because the timeline for this project is long, and especially when you look at these projects and what theyyou want to be able to adapt as these changes happen. endured, Zenoni remarks. COVID, inflation, rising fuel prices,In retrospect, he is thrilled with the decision to divide the material shortageswe had it all. The project management andGate Expansion Program into East and West portions for design design teams found effective ways to continue their work virtuallyand construction. While there are minor differences between IAH - Houston 25 LAX - Los AngelesYEARS ASTHE LEADER IN AIRPORT DESIGNfentressarchitects.comDEN - Denver MCO - OrlandoAirportImprovement.comSeptember 2022'