b'GENERAL AVIATIONAPA | SFF 83As the second-busiest general aviation airport in the U.S.pillars: economic viability, operational efficiency, natural resource (by operations), APA logged 314,000 flight ops last year. Theconservation and social responsibility. Colorado Department of Transportation estimated its 2020It is a holistic approach, remarks Reeves, who worked at APA economic impact at $2.1 billion, including 9,100 on-airport jobs.as an operations and planning intern early in his career. I dont The landlocked airport has 1,400 acres, with only 75 acresknow how you separate sustainability from master planning. To under its control that qualify for non-aeronautical development.me, the idea of creating a master plan that is not sustainable is Current tenants, which include four FBOs, control another 100somewhat absurd. undeveloped acres. Instead, RS&H fused elements from both. Flight training and small private planes account for about halfThe first step of the two-year master planning process was of airfield operations. Corporate flights are a growing segment,a visioning session to learn about stakeholder concerns and with many Denver area businesses basing their flight operations atidentify problems the airport may face in the next 20 years. To get APA. Fronapfel notes that the south Denver region now employsparticipants to think beyond their day-to-day concerns, Reeves more people than the downtown core. asked stakeholders to envision the airport in 100 years.Seven life flight operators are also based atPlanning and financial stability are inseparable, Reeves the airport. emphasizes. There is no point in planning a Taj Mahal when you The Process can only afford a single, one-bedroom apartment.Planners from RS&H built upon a sustainabilityThe financial planning study was not confined to just revenue plan APA completed in 2017. Kelsey Reeves,projections, expense estimates and cash flow. It also reviewed a senior aviation planner with the consultingvariety of management models for potential use at APA and how firm, explains that the plan included fourKELSEY REEVES they impact facilities development, including the existing APA model that Reeves describes as the airport landlord.Sustainability. Resiliency.Helping clients prosper.Guided by these principles, well keep your airport soaring. Learn more at rsandh.com/aviation.AirportImprovement.comSeptember 2022'