b'54 CWARUNWAYSInitially, the assumed solution was to shift Runway 17-35 to the rehabilitating parallel taxiway pavement,south. But it soon became apparent that moving 17-35 would i nstalling new runway and taxiway LED edge lighting, create operational issues. Instead, the preferred solution that r eplacing lighting controls in the tower, and emerged was shifting Runway 8-26 to the east and reconstructing electrical vault improvements.Runway 17-35 in its existing location. This means that 17-35 will be CWAs only runway available during much of the Runway 8-26Phasing Considerationsshift project. In order for that to happen, the FAA had to designate 17-35 as a secondary commercial service runway. Once weEngineering firm Becher-Hoppe worked with the airport and users received that, everything fell into place, Cihlar recalls.to develop a seven-phase construction safety plan to minimize impact to airfield traffic. In order to support operations, it was The FAA suggested reducing it down to a general aviation-onlycritical to keep Runway 8-26 open as much as possible during crosswind runway, but it met the requirements for a secondaryconstructionnot only for its length (7,648 feet), but also for its runway because of its significant use in the region, he adds.navigational aids. Getting it designated as a secondary runway and being able to maintain it was the crucial hurdle for us to overcome. Its going toRunway 17-35 was shut down for the duration of its help support the long-term viability of the airport.reconstruction, but the northern section remained available for taxiing to ensure use of the full length of Runway 8-26. There Trierweiler Construction & Supply Company won thewere also limited overnight closures of the entire airport to install construction contract in September 2020 and kicked off work inthe displaced threshold on 8-26. February 2021. The project included: runway longitudinal grade adjustments,Implementing the displaced threshold on Runway 8 required a lot of coordination. Crews placed temporary signage and installedconnector taxiway reconstruction,new pavement markings and lighting to reflect the temporarygrading the runway safety area,change.upgrading navigational aids, Improve winterproductivity with the best products and services in the industryLiquid Potassium Acetate Product Liquid Potassium Formate ProductSAE AMS1435D SAE AMS1435DTHE Solid Sodium Formate Product Unique Patented Liquid TechnologyS C I E N C E SAE AMS1431E SAE AMS1435DVisit us at www.nasi-tm.comOF 800.622.4877, Ext. 310nasi_cs@nasindustrial.comDE-ICING 2021Nachurs Alpine Solutions.All rights reserved.September 2022AirportImprovement.com'