b'PHOTO: BECHER HOPPEELECTRIFIED. PERFORMANCE.A special subbase of crushed rock was developed to address the airfields challenging soil conditions.Next Up Like other airports, CWA was When Runway 8-26 is shifted to its newsignificantly hampered by COVID-19.location, CWA will have the desiredBefore the pandemic, it was on track forDRIVEN TO RESPOND.Built-inseparation between its two runways. After160,000 enplanements in 2020 with 13 pavement for the east end is in place, aflights per day. Were hopeful that next year we can attract a low-cost carrier, muscles displaced threshold will be installed, and theCihlar says. Having this runway during airport will temporarily close down Runway 17-35, remove pavement on the west endthe decoupling project is going to help us How else could oneand add a new connecting taxiway. Thesustain our operations.project, which is scheduled to begin nextCWA is seeing tremendous growth in person lift a 400 lbyear, will also replace a MALSR systemcorporate aviation. Prior to COVID, the cover? that has been unmaintained by FAA andairport served one or two transient corporate out of service for over eight years, relocatejets per week. Currently, it receives upwards the glideslope and localizer, and add newof three per day. Plus, weve had a lot of runway and taxiway lights. The parallelcorporate hangar development, Cihlar adds. Visit us at the ACC Annualtaxiway will be shifted north to achieve theAn area of the airport that had remainedThe Striker Volterra Hybrid Electric Vehicle increases your response whileConference & Exposition instandard 400-foot separation. undeveloped for 30 years now has three newsimultaneously helping reduce its carbon footprint. It boasts a 28% improvementSanibel Island, FL. CWA anticipates an Airport Improvementhangars. In the last three years, CWA gainedin acceleration while decelerating emissions, fuel consumption and noise.Program discretionary grant anda medivac facility, a new corporate tenantThe Striker Volterraengineered for those driven to respond.supplemental funding for the project inand an existing tenant built a new hangar. Learn more at ejco.comfiscal year 2022.Its some great development on the airport, or call 800 626 4653 Cihlar remarks. Made in the USA oshkoshairport.com2022 OSHKOSH CORPORATION. Oshkosh, the Oshkosh logo, Striker, Striker logo and Striker Volterra are trademarks of Oshkosh Corporation, Oshkosh WI, USA.September 2022AirportImprovement.com'