b'36 DFW TERMINALSThe deliveries resembled mini convoys, with a variety ofPersonnel from Archer Western also note the advantages of vehicles and supplies trailing behind the module. It was crucialmodular construction. Your civil work doesnt dictate your vertical to have mechanics, spare equipment, safety trucks and evenwork, Dean explains. Thats the beauty of it. You can continue bathrooms close at hand to keep the train moving and ensure thevertically despite unforeseen challenges or unknown issues.runways were able to reopen as scheduled.For instance, Wilson estimates that the asbestos abatement After each module arrived, it was rotated and positioned inneeded during the project would have delayed construction a the designated jacking area in front of the foundation. With thecouple of months if the new gates were a traditional stick-built trailers in place, the load was jacked up about 6 feet to allow thestructure. modules to pass over the foundations anchor bolts. The speciallyOffsite modular construction also provided a more controlled created jack allowed each module to be pneumatically lifted inenvironment for the View Smart Windows and other components. 1/8-inch increments on each axle to position the module on theAvoiding night work is a pretty significant cost savings, adds pre-placed columns.Smith. During each overnight move, a rigorous communication plan provided progress updates to all involved parties about every fiveLooking Aheadminutes. That way, if anything happened, we were prepared andAs the first of its kind, DFWs modular gate project is attracting had the resources to make the call right there on the spot, Deaninterest from all corners of the industry. When the first module was explains. There was a small window to get the modules acrossmoved last August, staff from more than a dozen airports attended the airfield every night.to watch the project unfold. Fortunately, the team didnt need any of its many contingencyWe believe thats really the future of where things should plans.go, Naja says. We should all keep our mind on the cost and It was amazing, raves Ellen Wilson, senior project manager forexposure to both airport and airlines as far as new development. Archer Western. Six times perfectlythat seldom happens. ButWeve proven we can think out of the box and reduce our this worked flawlessly for all six modules.exposure.That said, she acknowledges that the first move was prettyThat said, he acknowledges that modular construction is not stressful.for every airport or every project. Its not one-size-fits-all, Naja specifies. But in our case, it worked wonders and really kept cost Because this was the first time View provided Smart Windowsand schedule in check.for a modular construction project, the company was concerned about the dynamic glass surviving the move. We had all kinds ofThe success in Terminal C has inspired leaders at DFW to things in place, like spare pieces of glass, just in case somethingconsider modular construction for other projectsand possibly was damaged, Smith relates. But the team didnt break onepush the envelope regarding how much work can be completed piece of glass during the move.landside. Charkas and Arman both note that the experience and knowledge gained during the High C Gates Demolition and Electric cables routed through the glass also maintained theirRebuild is motivating the airport to explore ways to save even integrity during the move. Once the modules were in place, themore time and money in the future.View team connected the glass to the low voltage electric system and completed testing to ensure everything was working properly.This project has redefined the way that design-build for an airport terminal can be done, Dean adds. Im excited to see From our standpoint, its something we would absolutely dowhat the next level will be and how this grows in our industry. again and we consider it to be a great success, Smith says. Wilson expects great things for the industry as the method Minimal Operational Impactevolves. After we moved these modules, we started thinking we Haywood reports that communication and close coordinationcould build them with everything installedeven the furnitureallowed the American Airlines team to operate semi-normally asand then move them, so it would literally be plug-and-play. We the new Terminal C facilities were brought online. The constructionwant to see how much we can move at one time and how much zone in front of the concourse was minimal because the shell andadditional savings in both time and money we can save the next core were built offsite. Charkas credits American for coordinatingowner.aircraft movements carefully to avoid obstructions and conflicts.Arman considers DFWs first experience with modular He highlights concurrent construction as a key advantage ofconstruction a glowing success. It opened up our eyes for modular structure. One team was able to perform work at theopportunities for the future, he remarks.terminal (demolition, underground utilities connections, foundationLeaders at American, the airports major partner in this maiden construction, etc.) while another team built the modules across theventure, are similarly enthusiastic. For an airline, the key is speed tarmac. And both crews were able to work mostly during the day.to market, Collison says. That was really what we were most interested in, and what were so satisfied about. September 2022AirportImprovement.com'